What are the benefits of merging into a BYX chapter?

For current fairway members

  • More leadership development opportunities (Annual National Conference, Annual Leadership Conference)

  • More service opportunities (Combined chapter events, Mission trips)

  • More opportunities to develop relationships and friendships with Christian men in same stage of life outside of Purdue

  • Networking and career opportunities

  • Opportunity to help other BYX chapters who have houses improve operations

For fairway as an organization

  • New recruitment independence to make process easier and more efficient for potential new members

  • Collaboration with other chapters to exchange ideas and improve in and out of house initiatives (i.e. social events, outreach opportunities)

  • Additional support of BYX staff member assigned to help Fairway continually improve (in addition to alumni board and house advisers)

  • Legal representation and support


  • Contribution in building Fairway structure and processes now can help other Christian college men succeed in making housing an important part of their brotherhood experience

  • Sons, relatives, friends who may choose to attend another university other than Purdue have opportunity to benefit from similar Christian brotherhood/experience

  • Expansion of personal / professional network


  • Expansion of Fairway best practices to other chapters as desired (i.e. On campus advisers)

  • Template of a successful housing model to utilize as a starting point if / when BYX chapters pursue housing

  • Example, guidance, and support from Purdue chapter as they try to successfully operate houses with the Fairway housing model

  • Addition of a fully functioning, strong chapter that can contribute to organization as a whole

For the Purdue community

  • Long term stability to ensure Fairway continues to have positive impact


Will Fairway continue its established traditions?

Yes. Each BYX campus has their own traditions and uniqueness about how their chapter operates. As it has always been, it will be the responsibility of the current chapter members to carry on traditions from year to year.

Will BYX eventually force us into accepting out of house members?

No. The BYX board of directors has stated very clearly that expanding to out of house members is not a requirement for us to become a BYX chapter. With that said, we are open to seeing how it works on other campuses and considering it in the future. If there is a way to increase the number (quantity) of Christian men at Purdue who get to experience Fairway while maintaining the standards (quality) we expect from each member, we would be foolish not to pursue it.

Does BYX think housing is important? Do they envision having more chapters with houses in the future?

Having a house that members can live in and a place on campus to call your own is an incredible tool to help strengthen the organization. Fairway itself isn’t the physical house, it is a brotherhood. The house is a fantastic tool to build upon everything we are trying to do. BYX agrees that housing is a great tool for chapters. They now have multiple campuses who have sought housing and are seeing positive results. They do envision more chapters housing in the future and are supportive of it, but also acknowledge that this is very challenging to do from a financial standpoint.

What legal representation will we have access to as a chapter?

In the case of any legal challenges, BYX-Purdue would be represented by either First Liberty Institute or Alliance Defense Fund.  BYX has an established relationship with both organizations and they have been very eager to work with BYX to establish case law for the 1st Amendment’s freedom of association clause. On any lawsuits regarding other matters (injury, property damage, etc.), BYX-Purdue would initially consult with attorneys currently on the BYX board.

Will the cost to join BYX fit into our current financial budget?

Yes. The Fairway Alumni board has a more active team than ever working to ensure that the finances of the house are in order and that we are operating with margin. Fairway has significant equity in the current property and is in a healthy financial state. The annual cost for our members to be part of BYX will be covered in their current house bills. There will be no additional cost for members and no house bill raise as a result of this decision.