Is BYX trying to be the church?

Brothers Under Christ is a fraternity of college men coming together under the common bond of Jesus Christ. We are not the church, nor do we aspire to be. We strongly encourage our members to be a part of a local congregation, growing along with the body of Christ. While we do strive to develop brotherhood and unity among Christian college men, we should in no way be considered a substitute for the Bride of Christ. BYX is a Christian social fraternity were men of faith can gather to challenge each other spiritually in brotherhood and impact the campus socially. BYX Purdue members are involved in, not just attendees of, a multitude of Lafayette/West Lafayette churches.

What about alcohol?

We do not allow alcohol at any BYX-sponsored events or parties. Though we do not regard the consumption of alcohol in and of itself as sin, we do require our members to abstain from drinking alcohol in Tippecanoe county as an active member. We do this for two reasons: first, to promote unity among our members that are both younger and older than 21 years of age. Secondly, we as Christians are called biblically to be above reproach and this is one way that we have chosen to do that during our time in college.

What about hazing?

The purpose of BYX is to promote unity and brotherhood within the fraternity based on the common bond of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished without emotional or physical punishment, abuse, or humiliation. Our members are constantly striving to live a Christian witness, promoting the name of Jesus through service to both member and new members or those pledging the fraternity.


The cost of living at BYX – Fairway is a fraction of the cost of other fraternities/sororities because of our cooperative living arrangements. Since we have no cleaning staff or chefs, costs are reduced dramatically. Cost specifics are provided at all rush events or can be obtained upon request. Please feel free contact our chapter for cost-related or any other questions you may have!

What’s up with all the names?

The members of the house have a variety of names we use for BYX. BYX is an acronym for Beta Upsilon Chi, our national chapter we are a part of. The meaning behind these Greek letters are “Brothers Under Christ”. Some may refer to it as “Bucks” which is talking about the English translation of our Greek letters, spelling the acronym out as BUC instead of BYX. The term Fairway is also often used to describe the house and history. If you’re interested in the connection, click here!

How many hours/how rigorous is pledgeship?

Here at BYX, pledgeship is more than work, it’s also where you’ll develop some of your best BYX memories and develop life-long relationships within months. Because of this, pledgeship can be thought of as a 3 credit hour class added to your schedule. We recommend taking no more than 15 credit hours your pledge semester. Following the 1:2 ratio, you’ll dedicate an average of 12 to 15 hours of work a week into BYX. This might seem rather large, but BYX at Fairway is based on what you put in, and time is a big factor in that. We believe if you take pledgeship seriously, it will develop strong time management skills along with a house full of newfound brothers in a matter of a few months!