Mason mcclure, 'pc 16

In high school I gave up on the idea that there could be a sizable Christian brotherhood that is authentic. I didn’t think it was possible. I was shocked to come to BYX and see the way guys interact; it honestly defies explanation in today’s world. The brotherhood that we have here, the conversations that I’ve had with brothers, and the love we have for one another… I just don’t know how to describe it. I know I have that backing that will support me in whatever I do. I have a place I can return to at the end of the day where guys invest in me and I can turn around and watch out for them as well. Being a part of BYX is a blessing that I honestly can’t compare to anything else.




zane wright, 'pc 14

One of the major factors in my decision to spend my college career at Purdue was the Christian community offered at Beta Upsilon Chi. After a long day of classes, I don’t just come back to a comfortable living space, I come back to a home. My roommates and small group members aren’t just friends, they are a family that truly loves me for who I am - a child of God. With a focus on brotherhood and development of intentional Christian relationships, BYX also holds many socials and campus-wide events that show students it’s possible to have a fantastic time in college without celebrating alcohol and irresponsibility for meaningful experiences. Whether it’s late night chats with men who are role models to challenge you in your faith, or parties with hundreds of fellow students, BYX is the best place in Purdue’s campus to connect, grow, and make incredible memories. 




luken rigsbee, 'pc 17

First coming to BYX, I was amazed at how genuine and sincere everyone was not only to me, but also in their faith. Hearing everybody’s testimony right off the bat as a pledge was really encouraging to me. I have had great opportunities in accountability and to be part of God’s family. We watch out for each other as brothers. Small groups have shown me the true importance of being open and the value of the accountability I have around me. BYX in many ways has challenged me to step up and take action in my faith. I am growing deeper in my faith and turning further away from being a sidelines Christian. BYX, so far in my life, has been the most influential part of my growth as a Christian.




Bryce walters, 'pc 16

Through being a member of BYX, I have grown in ways I never foresaw as possible. The authenticity of the brotherhood is like no other.  At the pivotal stage of life college men are in, it's so important to have a community of believers to support and challenge one another in the faith. I have found just that at Beta Upsilon Chi. Because of our unique bond, the common bond of Jesus Christ, we are more unified than what man alone could accomplish. 


Nick will, ‘PC 18

I will admit, I was somewhat nervous about going to a largely secular school. My faith is the most important aspect of my life and I was worried it would suffer if I attended a largely non-Christian school.  Yet, God works in fantastic ways, and the opposite has happened. I have grown in my faith so much and that is due to BYX. I’ve met so many guys that encourage and challenge me in my faith at the house. I have grown in my understanding of the Bible, my prayer life, and spending time in the Word. The accountability offered by the small groups we have has revolutionized how I live my life. Further than that, just being at BYX has made college feel like home. I am so close to all the guys in the house and anytime I need prayer, help on homework, or I am just feeling down, there are 60 guys I can go to and talk to. I promise you, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Ethan W.jpg

Ethan Westrate, ‘PC 18

Being a part of an intentional Christian atmosphere has always been important to me. I always imagined coming to college this would be a lot harder to find. Through experiencing firsthand the intentionality and love everyone has for one another, I can honestly say BYX has exceeded all my expectations. The men in this house have encouraged and challenged me in my faith through sharing testimonies and being a part of a small group. Having this encouraging, fun, Christian brotherhood has helped me tremendously so far in college. Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This house has men focused on building each other up into becoming the men God wants us to be.


Conner Stockwell, ‘PC 18

Joining BYX has been one of the best decisions of my college career. The brotherhood that develops during pledgeship is almost indescribable. During my first semester, I grew in many ways, but most importantly, I grew spiritually with my brothers. I have experienced deep talks and sincere prayer with many brothers in the house. Life-long friendships develop as well as great relationships with others outside of BYX because of our connections outside of the fraternity. BYX isn’t just another cooperative or fraternity, BYX is unlike anything you will ever see, while its not perfect, it embodies a strong brotherhood that harbors the light of Christ to be shown on Purdue’s campus.


Brady Johnson, ‘Pc 18

As I was ending my senior year of high school, I was so looking forward to living at BYX. Not after long, I soon began to realize that it isn’t just an affordable, Christian house. It is a brotherhood. I did not expect to be as close as I am with all the guys in the house. Everyone is so intentional with each other and I admire that greatly. I did not expect to have grown this much spiritually in my first semester. Being apart of a small group of guys that meet weekly had been a great impact on my walk with Christ. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to be apart of this fun, spiritually uplifting brotherhood we have at BYX. I cannot imagine college any other way.


simon grevengoed, ‘pc 18

Growing up in the church, I never really had a youth group with others that were going through the same walk of life as me. When I decided I was going to Purdue University, I knew that I wanted to surround myself with strong Christian men and that’s when I found BYX. In a time in many Christian men’s lives where they stray away from God, I knew that it was all the more important to find a brotherhood of Christian men. I have grown more in my faith during my first semester here at BYX than ever before in my life. This was made easy through small groups and other intentional activities the house participates in. God shows himself to us in many different ways and me becoming part of BYX was ALL God. I can promise that anyone who joins BYX will leave with lasting friendships, a brotherhood they will never forget, and a faith in God that is stronger than ever before. And I’ve only been here a semester!


Scott Rodgers, ‘PC 18

Before I rushed BYX and came to Purdue, I was living in a way that resembles the normal fraternity lifestyle. When I came to Christ, I knew that I needed a group of intentional and fun Christian friends that I could enjoy life with and that would truly challenge me to grow in my faith. Joining BYX was exactly what I was yearning for with my college experience. BYX is truly a fraternity filled with committed Christian men that want to make an impact on their campus and to enjoy true brotherhood together. Joining BYX has been one of the best decisions of my life and I cannot emphasize enough how much God has blessed me with an incredible group of friends that love Jesus. The amount of memories that you make with your brothers in such a quick amount of time is nothing short of amazing. I have already made so many life-long friends and memories in just one semester since joining BYX.